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Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson Play-By-Play, Results: Dan Henderson Wins Light Heavyweight Championship

Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson is live and five fighters from California are representing, with one in each of the four main card fights. Coming into the main event, California was 1-3, with Tim Kennedy picking up the only win for the state after securing a rear naked choke on Dutch striker Melvin Manhoef. Liz Carmouche and Billy Evangelista dropped very different fights to Marloes Coenen and Jorge Masvidal, respectively. The main event of the night is between California born-and-based Dan Henderson and Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Rafael Cavalcante. Below is the play-by-play as the fight took place.

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1

The two fighters touch gloves and the center of the cage is shared. Feijao throws a vicious right leg kick and it lands. Henderson stays in his "cocked" stance, the right hand waiting to fly. Feijao is waiting for counter opportunities, but Henderson wants to pick his opportunities. Feijao misses with a leg kick and Henderson lands a right hand that staggers Feijao. Henderson comes in and Feijao throws an insane overhand right of his own, that sends Henderson staggering back, and eventually to the ground. Henderson scrambles, and get to his feet before securing a takedown and getting on top. Henderson stays in Feijao's guard, taking time to recover, but the referee stands it up with just under two minutes to go. Henderson comes in with a right hand and lands, but Feijao ties up to limit the damage, as Hendo presses him against the cage. They are both holding eachother in palce, with nobody really dictating the pace at this point. Feijao turns it around and throws a couple knees at Feijao, but Hendo turns it back around, using his higher wrestling acumen to make up for his lack of strength. With ten seconds to go, the referee separates them and the round comes to an end. Henderson 10-9

Round 2

The fighters are both going for the center, but Henderson pushes the pass, throwing right and left hands, and stunning Feijao once or twice. Feijao retreats, and then goes for a takedown, which Henderson stuffs before pushing Feijao to the cage. Henderson is trying to wear him out and it might be working. Feijao tries to overpower Henderson and get out of the position, but Henderson's experience prevails and he secures a nice spinning takedown using Feijao's momentum against him, and lands in side control. He lands a few strikes, but both fighters seem to start to go to their feet, before Feijao grabs a single and reverses the position, getting on top in Henderson's guard. Hendo does what he can to stall and get the fight stood up, and eventually it happens, with 1:50 left in the round. Feijao throws very wide, looping left hooks but they don't come close to connecting. A superman punch from Henderson, followed by a leg kick, and then another superman punch before Henderson closes into the clinch, spinning Feijao around and dropping him with a nice greco roman takedown with forty seconds in the fight. Not much else happens and the round comes to an end. Henderson 10-9

Round 3

Feijao goes for a leg kick early and Henderson throws a counter right hand. Feijao backs up and Henderson lands a straight punch, staggering him. They tie up against the cage, but Feijao escapes, wanting no part of the clinch. Hendo follows though, stalking him, he lands with the right hand that seemed to graze Feijao, but it spun him around and Dan pushes him to the ground, flat on his face. Dan swarms, thinks about a rear naked choke at first, but as Feijao flattens, Henderson starts slamming the right hand into the side of his head and the referee stops it before permanent damage is inflicted. Dan Henderson by knockout in the third round.

With his win, he becomes the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and brings California to 2-3 on the night. Henderson now has held championship titles in the three biggest organizations throughout MMA: PRIDE, UFC and Strikeforce.