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Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson Play-By-Play, Results: Marloes Coenen Retains Welterweight Championship

Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson is live and five fighters from California are representing, with one in each of the four main card bouts. Coming into the third fight, California was 1-2, with Tim Kennedy securing the rear naked choke of Melvin Manhoef to give the state its first win of the night. This came after Billy Evangelista dropped decision to Jorge Masvidal and Josh Thornburg was clearly outmatched on the undercard against Roger Bowling. The third fight on the night's main card is for the Strikeforce Women's Welterweight Championship as the San Diego-based Liz Carmouche steps in a a late replacement taking on current champ Marloes Coenen. Below is the play-by-play as the fight took place.

Marloes Coenen vs. Liz Carmouche

Round 1

Coenen takes the center of the cage and Carmouche circles around. Coenen throws a leg kick from the outside, as both fighters feel eachother out. Carmouche throws a few flurries, but Coenen counters well and backs the challenger up. A leg kick from Carmouche and Coenen counters with some hard shots. Halfway through the first round, and nothing significant has been landed. Conene is staying directly in front of her opponent and goes for a muay thai clinch, but Carmouche spins and pins the champion against the fence. They stay tied up with not much action save for a few foot stomp exchanges, and the referee separates the fighters. Coenen has some damage under her right eye, with a bit of swelling. Coenen lands a hard push kick, and then another as the round ends. Coenen probably takes the round with effective counters. 10-9 Coenen.

Round 2

Both fighters come out looking to strike. Carmouche looks good with her striking, but Coenen is delivering good counters. Carmouche backs Coenen into the cage, but it's reversed as the champion throws some knees in the clinch. The challenger is looking for a takedown now while Coenen wraps up the neck and looks like she might have a guillotine choke. Carmouche goes down into the submission, but pops out and sits in Coenen's guard, not exactly a safe place to be. Carmouche holds he own though, she postures up and lands two strong right hands on the champion's face and does good damage. Carmouche stands in guard and passes to side control, and the crowd goes wild. Carmouche throws some knees to the body and the shoulder halfway in side control, and then passing to the north-south position. Coenen goes for the escape, but Carmouche holds side control. Carmouche goes for the mount but doesn't get it as Coenen goes for a leg hold, but then the challenger tries again and secures a deep mount, raining down punch after punch. Coenen is active from the bottom but is unable to get up from the high mount. Carmouch is raining down ground and pound but the round is coming to an end and Coenen weathers the storm. 10-9 Carmouche

Round 3

We'll see if Carmouche is gassed at all from the strikes at the end of the round. She comes out fast and looks like she's got a lot left in the tank as the third round begins. Carmouche goes for a takedown and pushes Coenen into the cage. The dutch Coenen is throwing a few knees, but is still pinned against the cage. The clinch on the cage stays the same throughout the first half of the fight, with both fighters swapping position holding the other, but the challenger Carmouche goes for a trip takedown as Coenen tries to (illegally) grab the cage, but it doesn't help as Carmouche lands in side control, before passing to mount with two minutes to go in the round. Coenen tries to explode out from the bottom, something she didn't do in round two to conserve energy, but with two minutes to go she is in trouble. Carmouche stacks and rains down left and right hands. Carmouche keeps it going and the round ends with literally nothing from the champion in that round. 10-9 Carmouche

Round 4

That round would be 10-8 if there was more damage done. Carmouche is breathing a little heavier now, and Coenen comes out of the gate securing a trip takedown. Carmouche throws some heel kicks and actually works a rubber guard, before pushing Coenen off of her. She stays on the ground and throws upkicks, and then explodes into a double leg takedown attempt at Coenen's ankles, and eventually completes it, but Coenen has her wrapped up with legs. Carmouche is a little aggressive, and it costs here as the veteran champion locks in a triangle hold. Carmouche struggles, throwing a strike in the direction of Coenen's head, but it's eventually over and she taps. Marloes Coenen comes from behind to secure the submission win in round 4.

That fight puts California at 1-3 on the night, as the San Diego-based Carmouche drops a fight she was never supposed to escape the first round of.