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San Francisco Giants 2011 MLB Preview: Giants Set to Defend Their World Series Title

Coming off of their first World Series title since they were the New York Giants 56 years ago, the San Francisco Giants are ready to start their title defense on Thursday against their arch rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers. The players have gone through their workouts, their Spring Training games, and now are itching for opening day to begin; almost as much as Giants fans are ready to do it all over again in 2011.

We created this stream to give the fans some insight to how their San Francisco Giants are going to look on opening day; from the pitching staff to the offense, the bench players to the coaches; basically breaking it all down for you, the fans, to immerse yourself in everything Giants as we sit on the precipice of another potentially epic season of black and orange baseball.

Here's a little video for everyone to get hyped up for the upcoming season:

San Francisco Giants - Bye Bye Baby (via Seltaeb9091)

Make sure to keep up with SB Nation Bay Area for all of your Giants coverage, and for more detailed analysis and conversation, head on over to our G-Men blog, McCovey Chronicles.