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VIDEO: Who Had The Best Arizona Wildcats Dunk vs. Duke, Derrick Williams Or Jamelle Horne?

Anyone who's been watching the Arizona Wildcats is aware of their wild athleticism. Sometimes it doesn't appear (like in several bizarre losses to Pac-10 opponents), but for the most part UofA is not a team to be trifled with. They showed it in their destruction of the Duke Blue Devils last night.

So let's go to the tape and figure out what was the most freakishly athletic dunk from last night. Video after the jump.

Derrick Williams's one handed offensive rebound putback tomahawk was probably the most skilled of all the three dunks. Seriously, that's a pro dunk right there.

(via FastGoalsHD)

Williams also decided to elevate later in the game as well using a similar move. He pump-faked a Plumlee brother, went off the dribble and kissed the sky on a tomahawk leap, as you can see in the video below.

But also in the video below, Williams might have been topped by his teammate for all-out obliteration of Blue Devils. Jamelle Horne grabbed the offensive rebound, turns baseline, and destroyed the remainder of the college career of Kyle SIngler.

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