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2011 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Bracket Odds: Wisconsin Or BYU A Good Final Four Pick From Southeast Region

Click here for the East regional Final 4 odds, and why you should make a bet on Kentucky over Ohio State to make it. Click here for the West regional Final 4 odds, and why you should make a play on San Diego State.

The Southeast Regional now looks wide open with the elimination of the Pitt Panthers, (who weren't that great a one seed to begin with, but it does level the playing field), and all four teams have a decent shot to move onto the Elite 8 and Final 4. Here, we try to figure out what the best Final Four bet for you to make would be based on value. These odds are courtesy of BoDog.

 #2 Florida Gators, 7 to 4 odds ($4 to win $7)
I wouldn't touch these odds. Depending on where you look, Florida is probably underdogs in their next two games. They are not a team to be trusted, especially after how much they struggled to win in a home site against BYU.

#3 BYU Cougars, 7 to 2 odds ($2 to win $7)
This is pretty decent value even for the Jimmer machine. With Pitt gone, BYU has a good 50-50 shot to win either of their two tournament games. This is a line worth considering if you're big on taking a pick that guarantees good return on investment.

#4 Wisconsin Badgers, 17 to 10 odds ($10 to win $17)

Love these odds. It's a bit silly that Wisky is drawing even with Florida at BoDog, considering Wisconsin has the easier Sweet 16 draw and will only have to face one of the other two teams. Gotta be nice being a four seed drawing a one seed's side of the Sweet 16.

#8 Butler Bulldogs, 5 to 1 odds ($1 to win $5)
You can be the biggest Butler homer in the world, and this still would be a horrible bet. Beating a one seed is one thing. Beating three of the top four teams in your regional (even one as horrid as the Southeast) is something else altogether. Certainly not enough to believe they have a 10%+ shot at getting back to the FInal Four.

If you had to bet money, where would you put it?
Really like Wisconsin's odds here, with a small sidebet on BYU in case things go horribly wrong.