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2011 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Bracket Odds: Kansas Jayhawks Likely Final Four Pick From Southwest Region

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It's Sweet 16 time. Action kicks off in a few hours; although we'll be waiting on the Southwest until tomorrow, we figured it'd be a good time to look ahead to tomorrow's matchups between Kansas and Richmond, FSU and VCU. We also try to figure out what the best Final Four bet for you to make would be based on value. These odds are courtesy of BoDog.

Southwest Regional
#1 Kansas Jayhawks, 1 to 3 odds ($3 to win $1)

Things are very much looking up for Rock Chalk Jayhawk supporters, so you'd think this would be the safest bet. However, 1 to 3 odds  presumes you believe Kansas has a 75% shot at getting to the Final Four.  Even with this bracket, those are still very steep odds--you'd have to think they'd win each of their next two games over 85% of the time, which is about  par for the course for a non-conference home game at Allen Fieldhouse. Tread cautiously before putting your money on KU.

#10 Florida St. Seminoles, 7 to 2 odds ($2 to win $7)

Again, it's a bit strange FSU has such favorable odds as opposed to the other two teams in the bracket. They might be the more recognizable name, but there's a reason they're a tenth seed. If their futures had been around the same value as the other two teams, I'd be definitely interested in this as a value pick.

#11 Va. Commonwealth Rams, 9 to 1 odds ($1 to win $9) & #12 Richmond Spiders, 10 to 1 odds ($1 to win $10)

Just like in the East bracket, it's really strange that VCU and Richmond have almost the same futures. I guess the only thing is that Richmond is guaranteed to play Kansas--VCU could get lucky and see Richmond in the Final 4. The Spiders have been considered a good team for awhile though, and I'd have to like their chances over the Rams (who are still a team many believe shouldn't even be here) in winning two more games.

If you had to bet money, where would you put it?

Not really high on any of these. Small action on Richmond or Kansas if anything.