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2011 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Odds: Ohio State Buckeyes Favorites To Win East Region

So the odds have been released for who will win which region in March Madness, with these numbers coming courtesy of BoDog. Let's take a look at what the best bet would be for making the Final Four.

#1 seed Ohio St. Buckeyes, 5 to 7 odds: They are the odds-on favorites after winning their first two games via total thrashings. Ohio State is such a tough team to beat because of how impossibly efficient they are offensively. You need a lockdown defense that grinds games out to shut them down.

#2 seed North Carolina Tar Heels, 11 to 4 odds: Come on, this is a sucker line. Did you see how close UNC came to losing to Washington on what was essentially home court? Did you see them give up 87 points to Long Island? You trust this team with your money that plays run and gun? No way is there good value on this bet at 11 to 4.

#4 seed Kentucky Wildcats, 7 to 2 odds: This is actually a pretty solid bet. Kentucky does have a solid shot at knocking off OSU (it's not a great one, but as presented in our preview, they can do that), and they'll probably be favored in their Elite 8 matchup. Kentucky's odds are definitely better than North Carolina's, that's for sure.

#11 seed Marquette Golden Eagles, 11 to 1 odds: Bleh. No. While they can probably upset UNC, they have a small shot at winning two games in a row, and those odds need to be higher for you to take a chance on the Eagles.