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2011 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Bracket Schedule, Predictions, Results: Mix Of Davids And Goliaths Enter Second Weekend

The first week of 2011 NCAA Tournament is complete and our Sweet Sixteen field is officially set for next weekend. The 2011 Sweet 16 features a mix of Davids and Goliaths as this year's NCAA tournament has been filled with insanity unlike many other years. In our previous tournament stream we ran down a few of the early buzzer beaters including Morehead State over Louisville and Butler over Old Dominion. However, since those buzzer beaters, Butler won a game in the most insane finish in a long time and Texas appeared to be called for a five second violation after only four seconds were counted.

After a week of basketball, favorites like Ohio State, Duke and Kansas have all advanced to the Sweet 16. On the other hand we've got party crashers like Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida State, Richmond, Butler, and Marquette. We're guaranteed at least one double digit seed into the Elite Eight, and given how crazy this first weekend was, we could see multiple double digit seeds playing for a spot in the Final Four.

Although the Bay Area does not have any teams in the 2011 NCAA tournament, we've still felt it is appropriate to bring you wall-to-wall enormous amount of coverage of March Madness 2011. We've still got one Northern California native playing in San Diego State guard Chase Tapley (Sacramento), so we'll have plenty on him. However, given the highly entertaining nature of this year's tournament, we'll have plenty more coverage going forward.

You can get an updated printable bracket through SB Nation. The Sweet 16 round of games kicks off on Thursday at 4:15pm pacific time with Connecticut and San Diego State and wraps up Friday night at 6:57pm with VCU and Florida State. Given the nature of my bracket, I'll likely know after game one if I'm alive in my bracket. Hopefully the rest of you are still kicking.