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NCAA Basketball Tournament Schedule: Where Do I Find TruTV, TNT, & TBS?

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The 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament is about to get underway, and everyone is gearing up for the action. But before people get into the First Four, people might want to wonder: Where is TruTV? After all, for almost the entirety of the existence March Madness, people could enjoy the entire experience on CBS. Sure, you would have to deal with the annoying cutaways, but it was so much more convenient for the lazy sports fan. Will they cope with having to channel flip?

Of course, with March Madness On Demand, you can pretty much watch college basketball whereever you go. But in case you want the big screen experience of mad-cap hoops, here's your nifty guide for the dag-nabbed cable and satellite channels of the four major TV providers for the Bay Area. (For those who want a handy guide for Thursday/Friday action, click here for Thursday and here for Friday):