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VIDEO: Gus Johnson Calls Isaiah Thomas Pac-10 Basketball Tournament Championship Game Winning Buzzer-Beater

Gus Johnson always seems to be at the right place at the right time to call the craziest games out there, particularly with regards to college basketball and March Madness. And he had the perfect sendoff to the final Pac-10 basketball tournament at Staples Center in Los Angeles, managing to call a classic back-and-forth affair between the Washington Huskies and the Arizona Wildcats that naturally went all the way to the end, and even further than that.

Arizona-Washington featured a game-tying shot in regulation with seconds remaining, and a game-tying shot in overtime with the shot clock turned off. So naturally, what did you expect when Isaiah Thomas took the ball, motioned for a 1-on-4 isolation set that featured him at the top of the key against Momo Jones with the clock running down and the Pac-10 tournament championship on the line?

Magic, that's what. Gus has the call after the jump.

Video courtesy of jose3030.