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DeMarcus Cousins Suspended After Altercation With Donte Greene

Despite a pretty strong game by the Sacramento Kings, most of Sunday's buzz will focus around the firebrand that is DeMarcus Cousins not being present for tonight's game against the Phoenix Suns. Cousins has a history of questionable decisions, and he had another one after the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. After confronting teammate Donte Greene and exchanging blows in the locker room, it'll cost him with at least a one-game suspension.

Sam Amick has the full story: Cousins was visibly unhappy with the play at the end of regulation when Tyreke Evans got the ball at the top of the key, dribbled, dribbled, and launched a contested three that rimmed out. Greene sent the pass straight to Evans, and Cousins was furious that he didn't get the ball, jabbing with Evans and Greene on the way to the locker room. The scuffle escalated inside, and general manager Geoff Petrie made the decision to discipline Cousins and take him off the team plane before the team's departure to Phoenix.

While it could be argued Cousins would have had a good shot, Evans clearly has more experience taking game-winning shots. And moreover, you can't go right at your teammate so demonstrably after a tough loss. It'll never end well. These are the things Cousins will have to learn to become a functional member of the Kings, and hopefully Petrie can convey those thoughts to his talented but overly excited rookie.

On the bright side, if the Kings and Cousins can manage to rein that energy into a positive fashion, he could be a galvanizing force. Right now he's looking way too much like the evolutionary Rasheed Wallace.

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