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Cal Football Offseason: California Golden Bears To Play Colorado Buffaloes In Non-Conference Game

With signing day over and the 2011 recruiting class for the California Golden Bears all locked up, we turn our attention to the long and dry offseason. This stream will be dedicated to all the offseason news concerning Cal football and Jeff Tedford, including scheduling updates, recruiting news, potential prospects, and glimpses ahead to next year's team.

Cal currently has a scheduling slot to fill, but for the most part they've taken care of their business with the recruiting class, filling needs at running back and corner back all while stocking up perhaps the best defensive line class in the Pac-10. The Bears also have made several coaching changes.

  • Offensive line coach Steve Marshall left for the Colorado Buffaloes this offseason, and ended up being replaced by the man who he originally replaced at Cal in Jim Michalczik.  Coach Michalczik will also be the offensive coordinator and will try and rework his magic at Cal.
  • Kevin Daft has been replaced as wide receivers coach by Eric Kiesau at Colorado, who was on Jeff Tedford's original staff when he arrived at Cal in 2002. Kiesau will also be the passing game coordinator.
  • Ron Gould gets an added position bonus as he will now be the running game coordinator. This is an addition to his current responsibilities as running back coach.
  • Cal defensive backs coach Al Simmons departed, to be replaced by Colorado secondary coach Ashley Ambrose.
  • Tedford is expected to resume a heavier role in quarterback development after delegating much of those duties to quarterback coach/offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig. Ludwig has departed for San Diego State, and Marcus Arroyo has come onto the position.

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