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2011 Winter Meetings: Bruce Bochy Reacts To Angel Pagan Signing, Reflects on Andres Torres

Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly is at the 2011 MLB Winter Meetings, and had some time to speak with skipper Bruce Bochy about a number of topics, including his reaction to the signing of Angel Pagan and his feelings on letting go of the lovable Andres Torres

Bochy spoke highly of Pagan, especially about his power hitting potential: 

"A catalyst-type player, can do a lot of things with the bat, dangerous when he's on base, has speed in the outfield, a switch hitter ... and he has some pop that will surprise you."

He would go on to mention that he could even have more pop than their recent acquisition Melky Cabrera, and that his speed will make up for his possible defensive shortcomings (10 errors in '11) and gobble up a lot of possible hits. 

One player Giants fans had gotten used to seeing do just that was Andres Torres, who unfortunately has to pack his bags for the Big Apple after getting traded to the Mets. Bochy had a heartfelt phone conversation with him earlier Wednesday, and had nothing but great things to say about the man:

"What a joy he was to be around," Bochy said. "He was one of those guys who never had a bad day. He always enjoys being around people and he's so thankful for everything that's happened to him in his career.

"He got emotional. He was very thankful. At first, he was fine, then ... he couldn't talk anymore."

I know many a fan will hate to see the biggest-little Giant go, and I certainly am one of them. Nevertheless, everything has it's time, and this was it for the Giants and Torres. I think Baggs summed it up perfectly:

I've always believed the players who resonate with fans are the ones who simply appreciate what they have and what they get to do for a living. They never button up a jersey without a little bit of lightness in their chest. I'm not sure I've ever covered a player who was more grateful, more genuine than Andres the Giant.    

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