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2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Score Update: No Score After Terrible First Quarter

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, AKA the Fired Coaches Bowl, AKA the Three-And-Out Bowl, is underway at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The 6-7 UCLA Bruins are taking on the 6-6 Illinois Fighting Illini in a heated struggle of who can play the worst bowl game in history faster. It's living up to all expectations (there were no expectations) and is scoreless after the first quarter.

The game got off to a spectacular start as the UCLA kick returner lost the opening kickoff in the sun for a touchback. UCLA would later catch, drop and recover a punt.

For much of the first quarter, an Illinois wide receiver, Darius Millines, had more passing yards (9) than their starting quarterback (6). Their quarterback, Nathan Scheelhaase, is leading the team in receiving yards and is leading all rushers with 38 yards on six carries.

Quarterback Kevin Prince of UCLA has -8 rushing yards. The Illini defensive line has been treating him more like Martin Prince, roughing him up and causing an injury delay with just over two minutes remaining in the first quarter. The backup Bruins quarterback may be coming into the game soon.

The most exciting thing about the game so far is the occasional first down.

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