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Illinois Vs. UCLA, 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Time, TV, Radio, Odds And More

The UCLA Bruins and the Illinois Fighting Illini of Illinois will play a football game against one another on Saturday, December 31, 2011. This is supposedly a BCS-sanctioned bowl game, but it's going under the name of the "Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl," the coin toss will be with an Oreo, and one of the teams in the game is not eligible for a bowl game. So odds are pretty good that you're hallucinating all of this.

In the off chance you're not, though, here's all the information you would need if you wanted to subject yourself to what could potentially be the worst bowl game of your lifetime:

Start Time: The game will kick off at 12:30 PM PST at AT&T Park in San Francisco, which coincidentally is also exactly one minute after the last time that AT&T Park will ever be a place of joy and magic.

TV Coverage: ESPN appears to have lost the bet as to which cable channel will be forced to carry the game nationally.

Online Stream: If you wanted all the brutality of being exposed to the game, but didn't want to bother reaching for the remote, you should be able to find the game on

Radio: ESPN Radio apparently lost two bets.

Betting Line: The Illini are favored by 3 points. The over/under for the matchup is set at 42 points. The over/under on how bad you will feel about yourself for watching the entire game is set at 1.5 family-size bags of Naco Cheese Doritos.

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