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UFC 141 Results: Johny Hendricks Drops Jon Fitch With Immediate Round One Knockout

Since losing his welterweight title match against Georges St. Pierre way back in 2008, San Jose fighter Jon Fitch has slowly been inching his way back into title contention. Over the past three years, he's gone an impressive 5-0-1 and looked to be one of the next in line for another shot at the belt.

All of that came to an immediate, brutal end on Friday night at UFC 141.

In the second fight of the main PPV card, Fitch faced off against Johny Hendricks, who was 7-1 in UFC fights entering the bout.

The two fighters came out and stood toe-to-toe for just ten seconds before Hendricks threw an enormous left hand that knocked Fitch flat on his back and for all intents and purposes, out cold. Hendricks pushed forward and threw another punch to the jaw before referee Steve Mazzagatti threw himself on Fitch to end the fight. Fitch seemed to come to almost immediately after Mazzagatti waved it off, but it was clear he had been knocked out from the first punch and the stoppage was necessary.

I would be shocked if this did not receive Knockout of the Night honors. It was a huge, shocking KO out of nowhere.

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