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UFC 141 Results: Alexander Gustafsson Scores Flash Knockout Win Over Vladimir Matyushenko

The second match on the main card of UFC 141 pitted light heavyweight stalwart Vladimir Matyushenko against Alexander Gustafsson, who had won three UFC fights in a row entering Friday's event.

Matyushenko is 40 years old and faced off against a lithe Gustafsson, who is 16 years the junior of the 40-year-old Russian and a full five inches taller.

Matyushenko came out headhunting right away as the two fighters felt one another out and circled. Matyushenko attempted a huge combo, missing with both swings, the second of which was so powerful that it threw him off-balance. The two continued to circle for two minutes.

Suddenly, Matyushenko lunged in and Gustafsson threw out a straight left hand that clipped Vladimir on the jaw and dropped him immediately. The referee waved off the fight and the fourth straight UFC win went to Gustafsson.

On replays, the punch from Gustafsson seemed to be almost out of shock at the charging Matyushenko, who just ran right into it and put his own lights out.

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