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UFC 141 Results: Jimy Hettes Dominates Nam Phan En Route To Win By Unanimous Decision

The UFC 141 main card is underway live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In the opening bout of the PPV proper, California native Nam Phan took on Jimy Hettes in a featherweight matchup. The 145-pounders went right at it, with Hettes especially aggressive in the first round.

Hettes, who was an undefeated 9-0 coming into the fight, grabbed a guillotine less than two minutes into the opening round and got Phan to the ground. After releasing the guillotine, he rained down blows on Phan, who was rocked by at least one of the shots. Phan gave up his back and turtled, and was able to survive long enough to get back to his feet. Hettes took him down again with a throw, quickly establishing side control and trying for an arm bar throughout the final minute, all the while raining down blows to Phan that opened a cut over Phan's right eye. Phan was able to survive to the bell.

In the second round, Phan was quickly taken down again, but managed to get the upper hand for a short while, tossing in a few shots while trying to keep the fight upright. Hettes was back in control in short order, and dominated almost the entirety of an uneventful second round.

The third round opened with Hettes bulling Phan against the cage for the majority of the first two minutes before Phan found his feet and opened some distance. The two stood and traded a few shots, which is what Phan clearly wanted, landing a solid body shot. Hettes got wise and muscled Phan back to the cage before taking him down again. Hettes went for an arm triangle before deciding to just take his share of shots at Phan's unprotected face, including a huge flurry in the final 0:10.

The official result was a unanimous decision on scores of (30-25, 30-25, 30-26). Just a brutally one-sided fight as Hettes wins his second UFC fight to improve to an undefeated 10-0.

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