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UFC 141 Lesnar Vs. Overeem: Nate Diaz Has Altercation With Donald Cerrone At Press Conference

Well, Nate Diaz said he wanted to be somewhat of a maniac when he takes on Donald Cerrone in the co-main event at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem, and he took another step towards that goal on Wednesday. During the UFC 141 press conference, Diaz slapped the signature Stetson hat off of the head of Cerrone, who goes by the nickname "Cowboy." The two were having a faceoff and Cerrone was talking, presumably saying some very bad things about Diaz and probably his mother, too.

Diaz said that Cerrone was trying to "tip his hat into his face", and noted that he wasn't going to take that, true to the Diaz brother form. In a release, Diaz also said that Cerrone was talking himself up, trying to build up his own confidence and that he seemed really fake. Needless to say, Diaz is very confident going into Friday.

Cerrone said he doesn't get paid to fight at press conferences, and that he'll make Diaz pay once they get to the actual fight. Funnily enough, UFC President Dana White is the only person surprised that these guys couldn't get along, suggesting that they were "talking cool" at the press conference. It's probably safe to say that White should have expected nothing less from one of the Diaz brothers.