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Week 16 NFL Picks: Raiders Desperate For A Win; 49ers Looking To Maintain Their Lead On Saints

Two sets of predictions against the spread for Week 16 of the NFL season. Your best bet might be to bet the opposite. Check out SB Nation NFL for full week 16 coverage.

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Week 16 of the NFL season is underway and we're both coming off awful Week 15 performances. Seeing upset losses by the Packers and Titans, as well as Oakland blowing a sizable lead, did not help matters. The NFL had by far its craziest week of the season and it likely netted Las Vegas a ton of money.

This week, the Raiders head to Kansas City desperate for a victory. They are on the outside looking in for AFC WEst and wild card supremacy. The Chiefs beat the Raiders in Oakland and are modest favorites back in KC. Kansas City is actually still alive in the AFC West race if they win out and Denver loses out, among other things.

The 49ers travel to Seattle looking to improve to 12-3 and maintain their tie-breaker lead on the New Orleans Saints for the number two seed in the NFC. The Seahawks are battling for a wild card spot and face a must-win situation against the 49ers. It should make for a good game between the division rivals.

David - Houston Texans (-6.5) over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: This is a game that will suck in a few people thinking the Colts can win two in a row and the Texans are vulnerable after losing to the Carolina Panthers. I am not one of those people.

James - Houston Texans (-6.5) over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: The Colts finally got a taste of what it is like to win and have avoided being the Detroit Lions 2.0, however, the good feelings in Indy will come to an end Thursday when they play the Texans. Houston has shown unbelievable resiliency after losing two of its best players in Mario Williams and Matt Shaub. Texans keep winning while under manned.

David - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-1) over Oakland Raiders: I'd love to see the Raiders pull off this road win, but I just don't see it happening. The AFC West has had plenty of crazy games and it is possible the Raiders pull off what would be a key road win. However, I think they lose this one and more or less end their playoff hopes.

James - Oakland Raiders (+1) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: The Raiders go to Kansas City needing a win and are doing so at a good time. The Chiefs are coming off easily their biggest win of the season after beating the Green Bay Packers. I just cannot see the Chiefs putting together back to back stellar performances. The Chiefs have a let down this week and the Raiders keep their playoff hopes alive.

David - Denver Broncos (-1.5) over BUFFALO BILLS: The Bills were the hot team early but they have turned into a train wreck. Road games in the snow are never easy, but I think Tebow magic returns for one week.

James - BUFFALO BILLS (+1.5) over Denver Broncos: The Flying Tebows were brought back to earth last weekend against the New England Patriots. This weekend, they play a Bills team that has lost seven in a row. Sounds like the Flying Tebows should be able to bounce back, but I think the Bills are due for a win and the cross country trip will take its toll on the Tebows.

David - CINCINNATI BENGALS (-4) over Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are one of the hottest teams in the league with recent road wins over the Eagles and Rams. This could be one of the tighter games of the day, but I think a solid Bengals squad can hold them off for the victory and cover.

James - CINCINNATI BENGALS (-4) over Arizona Cardinals: After losing six straight, the Cards have won 6 of their last seven. Unfortunately for them, they travel to a much improved Bengals team. As a Raiders fan, I'd like to say the Cards will pull this one out, but I don't see it happening. The Bengals are just a better team and are playing at home.

David - TENNESSEE TITANS (-8) over Jacksonville Jaguars: Although the Titans did take an unthinkable loss to the previously winless Colts, I've got to think they can bounce back against a struggling Jaguars squad. The Jaguars beat Tennessee at home in the season opener, but I don't see a repeat.

James - TENNESSEE TITANS (-8) over Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags are a team that I think is actually a little bit worse than their 4-10 record indicates. They pulled out a couple of wins this season that they probably should not have. It will be very difficult for this team to travel to Tennessee and pull off a win against a solid Titans team.

David - Miami Dolphins (+11) over NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: I think the Patriots win this game, but I think it is a close one. I'm sure this means the Dolphins will now get slaughtered. You're welcome Dolphins fans.

James - NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-11) over Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are not the eye sore of a team that they were to start the season, but they are still not good enough to play with the Patriots in New England. Tom Brady and the Pats will have another good week and win this one by at least two scores.

David - New York Giants (+2.5) over NEW YORK JETS: You have two teams battling for possible playoff berths. I think the Giants are the more desperate team and will use that to their advantage.

James - New York Giants (+2.5) over NEW YORK JETS: The Jets have gotten back to their silly tendency to spend more time talking trash than playing football. I understand the New York rivalry, but the Jets are not a lock for the playoffs even though they are talking like they are. They have given the Giants enough bulletin board material to get them hyped for the game. The Giants win this battle for New York.

David - St. Louis Rams (+17) over PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Ben Roethlisberger has sat out the last two practices and seems like a decent shot to sit out the game. Consider this more a bet against Charlie Batch than anything else.

James - PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-17) over St. Louis Rams: Believe it or not, this was a tough call. I hate a spread this big. A three score win is incredibly difficult to do, even when a great team is playing a terrible team. There is a reason this is the pros, because on any given Sunday, any team can win. That being said, I just cannot bet against the Steelers at home playing a team like the Rams.

David - WASHINGTON REDSKINS (-7) over Minnesota Vikings: One of the worst matchups of the week. Does anybody actually care about this game?

James - WASHINGTON REDSKINS (-7) over Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings year just keeps getting worse. Now, with all of the news coming out about unhappiness in the locker room, and more importantly, the fact that the defense chooses not to follow their coordinator's game plan, I just cannot see this dysfunctional team winning anymore games this season.

David - CAROLINA PANTHERS (-9) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs went from an inconsistent team to a team that just sort of seems to have given up. I think Cam Newton adds one more monster game to improve his OROY candidacy.

James - CAROLINA PANTHERS (-9) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Panthers are starting to play much better as a team than they did early in the season. They still have a long way to go before they are a good team, but at this point, I am confident they are a better team than the Bucs. Playing at home, the Panthers should pull out their sixth win of the season and do so rather impressively.

David - BALTIMORE RAVENS (-14) over Cleveland Browns: If this was in Cleveland I'd say Baltimore could be in line to stub their toe. I think Baltimore rolls in this game.

James - BALTIMORE RAVENS (-14) over Cleveland Browns: This was yet another really hard game to call. The Ravens have a tendency to play down to their opponents at times, and are far from being consistently dominant. That being said, the Browns are a real bad team, and one that looks like it could be playing without its starting quarterback. This should be a pretty big blowout.

David - San Diego Chargers (+1.5) over DETROIT LIONS: The Chargers are wildly inconsistent for three months and then somehow turn it on in December. The Lions are coming off a huge comeback against the Raiders, but I think the Chargers December magic continues.

James - DETROIT LIONS (-1.5) over San Diego Chargers: I know, I know, it's December so the Chargers should win every game this month. That being said, I think the big win over Oakland last week has rejuvinated the Lions. They have Ndamukong Suh back and Megatron looks as good as ever. If this was in San Diego, I might pick differently, but in Detroit, I'm giving this one to the Lions.

David - DALLAS COWBOYS (-1) over Philadelphia Eagles: The NFC East is getting ready for an insane finish. The Cowboys took a full game lead, but suddenly the Eagles are charging hard. An Eagles upset would not surprise me, but I think Dallas finishes Philly here.

James - DALLAS COWBOYS (-1) over Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are playing much better down the stretch this season. However, they are traveling to Dallas to play a team in the middle of the playoff race. I think Dallas has too much to play for not to win this game. If this were a bigger line, I might take the Eagles, but the one point line makes this a no brainer for Dallas.

David - San Francisco 49ers (-1) over SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The 49ers and Seahawks both have something to play for with San Francisco trying to secure the second seed and Seattle hanging on the edge of the wild card race. Seattle has the huge home field advantage, but the 49ers are coming off a confidence-building win over the Steelers. I'll stick with my 49ers.

James - San Francisco 49ers (-1) over SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Seattle is a very tough place to play, but the Niners are really looking solid. I know they lost to Arizona two weeks ago, but that is not the same Arizona team that was an automatic win early in the season. After watching the Niners take down the Steelers on Monday Night Football, I just cannot see them losing to Seattle.

David - GREEN BAY PACKERS (even) over Chicago Bears: This game could swing on whether the 49ers win or lose against Seattle. If the 49ers win, Green Bay would want a win to clinch the number one seed. If the 49ers lose, Green Bay clinches before they take the field and potentially benches players early in this game. Of course, they're also playing the injured Bears.

James - GREEN BAY PACKERS (even) over Chicago Bears: The Packers may not be undefeated any longer, but they are still undefeated at home and will be playing a Bears team riddled with injuries and starting Josh McCown at quarterback. Packers bounce back and win big.

David - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7.5) over Atlanta Falcons: I just can't pick against the Saints in the Superdome right now.

James - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7.5) over Atlanta Falcons: The Saints are fighting to try and keep their hopes of a number two seed alive. What better place to do that than in New Orleans where they have been dominant. The Falcons just cannot keep up with the high flying Saints in this one. This should be a two score win for the Saints.

Last Week: 5-10-1
Season: 108-109-4

Last Week: 4-11-1
Season: 105-98-5