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Ward Vs. Froch Results: Looks Like Andre Ward Was Serious About That Hand Injury [Photo]

Andre Ward defeated Carl Froch on Saturday night via unanimous decision to become the Super Six World Boxing Classic winner and the Ring Magazine super middleweight champion. In the sixth round of that fight, Ward re-aggravated a left hand injury when he hit Froch on the top of the head, according to CSN Bay Area. Ward claimed that he had to fight through the pain of the hand injury for the remainder of the fight. On Sunday, Ward tweeted out a picture of his hand the day after the fight and, well, let's just say it doesn't look like he was exaggerating.


via @andreward

Given that it looks like Ward is smuggling several smaller hands inside of his left hand, it's impressive that he was able to go all 12 rounds, let alone box the whole fight in such dominating fashion. Hopefully he's taking some time off to get his hand back to normal. He's certainly earned it after the grueling 26-month tournament.