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Ward Vs. Froch Results: Andre Ward Dominates Carl Froch In Unanimous Decision

Oakland-based fighter Andre Ward capped a strong two-year performance in the Super Six World Boxing Classic as he dominated WBC-titlist Carl Froch en route to a unanimous decision victory. Ward claimed two of the score cards 115-113 and the third 118-10. The two 115-113 cards were big surprises as Ward seemingly dominated almost the entire fight. I had it 118-110 with Ward winning ten of the twelve rounds. I could have seen 117-111, maaaaaybe 116-112, but 115-113 was pretty surprising. The ironic part is that the British judge scored it 118-110 for Ward.

Ward dominated from the get-go and did not really let up until he had built a solid seven or eight round lead. Froch was keeping busy but most of his punches were missing. Ward put on a masterful defensive effort to prevent Froch from landing much of anything.

Beyond that however, Ward put together a strong offensive showing that might have caught Froch off guard. Ward is viewed as a very physical fighter, but he does not get as much respect for his offensive skills. On Saturday evening, he consistently landed the harder shots, most notably with a variety of hooks to the head.

Froch did make some inroads late as Ward seemed to step off the gas a bit, but Froch could nothing going with any measure of consistency. He picked up a round here or there, but it was simply not enough against Ward. Simply put, Andre Ward proved he was a superior fighter in every facet of the fight.