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Ward Vs. Froch Weigh-In: Both Fighters Right Near Super Middleweight Limit

Andre Ward, who fights out of Oakland and the Bay Area, is set to fight Carl Froch on Saturday night for a chance at being the top super middleweight fighter in the world. There is a lot of pressure on Ward this weekend, especially with so many around boxing expecting him to have a breakout fight against Froch.

At the weigh in, Ward tipped the scale at the uppermost limit of 168lbs, while the 34-year old Froch came in at 167.5. As for Froch, he is not too concerned about the fight, according to this report:

"I have come in again smack on the money weight-wise, no problem at all. I'm feeling good, confident, strong," Froch told Sky Sports. "Mentally, physically, the training, the sparring, the preparation, it has all gone good so I couldn't be happier."

Despite Froch's confidence, many are looking for Ward to make a statement this weekend, including SB Nation's own boxing website, Bad Left Hook:

(Ward) must do something that will make people stop flipping through the channels, and watch him when they could be doing something else. Ward entered the Super Six to prove that he is the best super middleweight in the world, and raise his profile immensely. He has achieved the former, but the latter will not be quenched merely by winning. He must look special.

For Andre Ward the time for him to shine is immediate. He needs to look like a star against Carl Froch on Saturday, or much of what he has aimed for will be missed. And Froch will not be an easy target.

All eyes will be on the Bay Area's prized fighter on Saturday night. Will Andre Ward finally step up and announce himself to the world, or will he disappoint his fans across the nation? We'll find out soon.