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Bill Romanowski Has Some Interesting Thoughts On The Raiders

Former Raider and four-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Romanowski had some thoughts on Oakland's recent struggles coming off of two losses in a row, first to the streaking Miami Dolphins and then last week to the seemingly unbeatable Green Bay Packers. Head after the jump to check out how Romanowski sees it, as he made it clear on Raiders Press Conference Live.

"The Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson, he's got a bunch of guys that like bacon. They go to the grocery store and buy their bacon. Well guess what? I need some damn boar hunters.

I need them to hunt them down with knives. They... go to Safeway! They're already safe, ok? But I need wild boar hunters. Rip their throat open and dig down in and get some bacon and eat it."

He continued...

"I mean come on! Playing football! Defense! It's about hitting people. It's about blocking and tackling. This game is not that hard... These guys are making millions of dollars. Pay me a stick of bubble gum, cut off my arm right now. Go. I'm in."

You can view the rest of the diatribe at It is definitely worth a watch.