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Sacramento Kings' Donte Greene Hosts Goon Squad Classic Charity Game

As NBA players around the country bide their time during the NBA lockout, the Sacramento Kings' Donte Greene is hosting his Goon Squad Classic charity game, with a litany of NBA stars slated to take part.

The game is set for November 20th at the UC Davis Pavilion, with all proceeds going to local charities. A number of Sacramento Kings players like Tyreke EvansDeMarcus CousinsJason ThompsonHassan Whiteside, Jimmer Fredette, and Isaiah Thomas, as well as the Hornets' Quincy Pondexter and former King Spencer Hawes

The Washington WizardsJohn Wall and Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant are both said to be taking part, but each may not be able to make it due to prior engagements with other charity games. The game will apparently be sponsored by Nike as well

As for the coaches, here's what Greene had to say about it:

Who will coach the two teams?  "We really haven't decided the coaches yet.  We would have loved to have Bobby Jackson come out.  But with the rules and everything, he's not allowed to come out.  We're talking to Ticha...Ticha Penicheiro from the Monarchs, trying to get her to come out and be a coach.  And trying to get the old guy Francisco (Garcia), come out and be a coach."    

Sounds like a it's going to be a good one. Tickets go on sale Thursday. 

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