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Chris Owusu Injury Update: Stanford WR Takes Jordan Poyer Shot To The Head

The Stanford Cardinal are currently leading the Oregon State Beavers 14-7, but the Cardinal are dealing with numerous injuries in the second quarter. Following Levine Toilolo taking a shot to the head early in the second quarter, wide receiver Chris Owusu took a big shot himself with 4:26 left in the second quarter. The game was stopped and Owusu was taken off the field on a stretcher following a big hit to the head.

Oregon State defensive back Jordan Poyer made the hit immediately after Owusu hauled in an Andrew Luck pass. Owusu caught the ball and went to turn upfield when Poyer dipped down and hit him. Owusu lost the ball and Poyer returned what appeared to be a fumble for a touchdown. However, the hit was deemed an illegal hit of targeting a defenseless receiver. The personal foul negated the fumble and the touchdown and Stanford regained possession.

Prior to today's game, Owusu had suffered two concussions this season and three in his career. He was coming off a concussion suffered in Stanford's triple-overtime victory over USC. The Cardinal will likely face a decision as to what they should do with Chris Owusu for the rest of the season. If this ended up being his third concussion of the season, the decision might not be all that difficult.

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