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Levine Toilolo Injury Update: Stanford TE Leaves Game After Blow To Head

The Stanford Cardinal offense revolves as much around the tight ends as any other position. They will not have to figure out a way to move the ball with severe limitations at the position. A week after losing Zach Ertz for two weeks, Stanford has lost tight end Levine Toilolo after he took a leg to the head on Jeremy Stewart's rushing touchdown that gave Stanford a 7-0 lead.

As Stewart was rushing up the middle, Oregon State defensive end Dylan Wynn was blocked into the head of Toilolo. Wynn was spun around and his left leg hit Toilolo in the head. The Stanford tight end was able to walk off under his own power but was taken to the locker room. I would imagine he will get a concussion test given the hit to the head. I would also be surprised if he returns to the game, particularly if Stanford can build a sizable lead.

The Cardinal have a fairly diverse offensive attack but the tight ends have been key. Over the rest of this game we will likely see a bit more of the wide receivers mixed in to the passing attack.

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