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Cal Vs. OSU Score Update: Golden Bears Lead Beavers 14-6

The California Golden Bears have used the run to dig out of poor field position to take an early halftime lead. Isi Sofele had a big run to help give Cal their first lead of the game over the Oregon St. Beavers. Cal then went to a more methodical approach, using the running attack behind Sofele and C.J. Anderson (42 rushing yards combined) to drive 96 yards down the field for the second TD of the game for the Golden Bears. Quarterback Zach Maynard has done well in support of the Cal run attack, completing 7 of 11 passes, throwing one touchdown and running for another one.  He had two crucial completions to Anderson for 22 yards and Keenan Allen for 19 yards to put Cal up 14-3.

Oregon St responded on their final drive of the half, as Sean Mannion drove 43 yards in about a minute by completing five of his six passes to get the Beavers into field goal range. Trevor Romaine knocked in his second field goal of the game to cut the deficit to one score at the completion of the first half.

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