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UFC On Fox 1 Results: Ben Henderson Wins Decision Over Clay Guida To Earn Shot At Frankie Edgar's Title

The last fight on the undercard for UFC on Fox 1: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos was a great one, and eventually ended with a unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) for Ben Henderson over Clay Guida. It was a very high-paced fight and almost too close to call, and definitely an exciting way to cap off the undercard (in what is a main card and even main event caliber fight, but due to the nature of this first card on Fox, was put on the undercard). 

Dana White announced on Friday that the winner of the fight would go on to take on UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar for the title, so the matchup will be Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar. The champion is coming off a knockout win over Gray Maynard, and it should be a very explosive matchup. Guida will likely remain in contention after such a strong performance. 

Below is the play-by-play of the fight as it happened.

Round 1

The fighters meet in the middle of the ring, looking to find their range. It's a very pro-Guida crowd at this point, chanting early and often for "The Carpenter".Guida lands early right a right hook and Henderson stumbled, but responds by cracking the pursuing Guida. Clay is backed up into the fence and the two start windmilling punches at eachother before "Bendo" lands again and Guida shoots for a takedown, which is stuffed. Guida pushes Hendo into the cage and is looking for a single leg takedown on Henderson's left leg, and "kind of" gets a takedown, but Henderson actually does the splits to negate the takedown.

The two get back to their feet and Henderson turns Clay into the cage with one underhook in. Henderson is looking for some dirty boxing against the cage, and Guida is trying to push out. Guida pushes away, lands a good punch and almost secures a high double leg takedown, but Henderson keeps himself standing with awesome takedown defense. The two separate and Clay lands again, but no significant damage is done. Henderson goes for Superman punch off of the cage and Guida answers back with a flying knee. The two windmill again, but this time it's Guida who connects big and Henderson goes to the ground, but recovers well, and pushes Guida to the cage and eventually to the ground. Henderson tries to land some shots to the midsectio nof Clay, and finishes the round with a couple head kick attempts. Really close round, 10-10 at this point, with both fighter's controlling one part of the round.

Round 2

Both fighters immediately take the center of the octagon again, and Henderson lands a good left knee, and Guida is stumbled again, but he secures a takedown on Henderson. Henderson goes for a guillotine and Clay gets out, but Henderson quickly turns it into a takedown of his own. Henderson is held from below by Guida, and eventually the two get to their feet, with Henderson continually pressing Guida into the cage. Then Guida turns that into a takedown of his own, and presses Henderon into the cage ... very back and forth at this point. Henderson stands up again, but it's Guida pushing him against the cage for half a minute ... and then Henderson turns it around and pushes Guida up against the cage. Henderson lands a knee to separate and Guida glances off a punch. Guida tries to throw ... something, and spins in like a 540 and falls down to the ground . Henderson gets on top of Guida, and somehow, Guida is close to securing a guillotine. Henderson gets out though and eventually takes Guida's back with thirty seconds to go in the round. Henderson throws some strikes and the round comes to an end. Another really close round, with perhaps an edge to Henderson 10-9. 20-19 Henderson at this point.

Round 3

Again, the center of the octagon is occupied and the two fighters jab from a distance. Guida continues dancing and changing levels, and lands a strong right hook on Henderson, who eats it and moves forward. The two are hesitant to exchange, and then tie up ,with Henderson pushing Guida into the cage. Henderson throws a knee, which Guida catches and tried for a takedown, but Bendo backs up all the way across the cage to maintain his balance and turns, again holding Guida against the cage. The two separate and Guida goes for a high left kick, but Henderson catches him and takes him down to the ground, where Henderson lands in side control, the first truly dominant position of the match with significant time left. Henderson eventually takes Clay's back and gets a body lock. Henderson rolls him over with a minute left and is looking for a rear naked choke, but Guida  reverses it and gets to his feet. The two collide in the air, with Guida landing in side control this time, and Guida looks for a guillotine for thirty seconds, but Henderson eventually gets out. It was really, really tight, but Henderson gets out. The fight comes to an end with both parties scrambling and it's so very close. Henderson lands some shots at the end. It looks like a round for Guida ... or maybe Henderson ... so close. This could go either way, but probably a 29-29 draw on this writer's scorecard.

Official Score: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 all for Ben Henderson