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John Daly Goes Tin Cup, Gets Banned From Austrailian PGA Championship

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Carmichael native John Daly has made a name for himself with his off the wall antics on and off the golf course, though has been mainly using his wardrobe as of late to express himself between the ropes. But big John had himself a little outburst at the Austrailian Open, putting seven consecutive shots in a pond at the par-5 11th, then picking up and walking off the course. The PGA of Australia weren't too keen on Daly's choice, and decided to ban him for the Austrailian PGA Championship in two weeks because of it. 

Daly was already seven over through 10 holes of play during the first round at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney, including a triple bogey on the 10th after hitting the wrong ball out of a bunker, which began Daly's lack of concentration so to speak. Fellow competitor Hunter Mahan saw it all go down on the 11th as Daly went full-bore Tin Cup by hitting seven straight balls in the water:

"Once I saw two go in, I think the effort went down pretty fast," Mahan said. "I thought that's what we were going to see. And we did."    

Daly made sure to do everything required such as sign your scorecard and withdraw, but the PGA of Australia did not appreciate his stunt one bit, essentially un-inviting him to the PGA Championship there in two weeks. 

Golf Australia's director of tournaments, Trevor Herden, called him "unprofessional" and said while the Australian Open loves to have major champions in the field, "I would say this is the last time we will see John Daly."    

Big John is never one to mince words, and kept it simple on his Twitter account:

 "when u run out of balls u run out of balls."