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Brian Wilson Stars In NBA 2K12 Commercial

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is known for his pitching ability, giant beard and humorous personality. Earlier this year, he featured in a This Is SportsCenter commercial. This time around, Wilson showcases his persona in an NBA 2K12 commercial.

The video features Wilson decked out in Boston Celtics gear as he explains why the Celtics are the greatest team of all time. Check out the video after the jump.

NBA 2K12 -- Wilson vs. Wilson (via 2KSports)

It's always interesting to watch a sports star talk about teams and players of another sport, and it's even more interesting when the sports star in question is Wilson. Let's hope that he gets a couple more commercials in the future: he's a fun person to watch on-screen.

This video leaves only one question in mind. What must Los Angeles Lakers fans living in San Francisco be thinking as they watch their closer endorse the Celtics?