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Al Davis Passes Away At 82; NFL Commissioner Releases Statement

After receiving word of the tragic passing of legendary Raiders icon Al Davis, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement on his death. NFL Communications has the official release:

"Al Davis's passion for football and his influence on the game were extraordinary. He defined the Raiders and contributed to pro football at every level. The respect he commanded was evident in the way that people listened carefully every time he spoke. He is a true legend of the game whose impact and legacy will forever be part of the NFL."

This is a sad day for the Raiders organization, its players, fans, and those all around the league who have seen Davis truly revolutionize the way some aspects of a franchise are run. Say what you may about his philosophies towards the end of his tenure in Oakland, the man is a legend and will be missed greatly.

There has been no official word on whether or not teams around the league will do anything to honor or remember Al on Sunday. Stay tuned for further details.

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