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VIDEO: SF-Native Nyjer Morgan's Game-Winning Hit Propels Brewers To NLCS"

San Francisco native and Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Nyjer Morgan made the City proud Friday night after hitting the game winning RBI single in the 10th inning at Miller Park to knock the Arizona Diamondbacks out of the playoffs. With the win the Brew Crew move on the the NLCS to face the winners of the Philles/ Cardinals series. After going 1-for-11 and sitting out game four, Morgan finished the series in style going 2-for-5 with the big RBI single.

Never one short of verbiage, Morgan had himself a grand time celebrating and speaking to the media in a beer/champagne soaked locker room after the game:

"It's a lot, man," Morgan said. "Basically just everything that I've had to overcome, just the stuff that people go out there and perceive about me, everything. Just all my haters. I just wanted to show them that I can play this game, even though I have a fun, bubbly personality. I still come to win, and I'm a winner."

Even though he had some beef with some Giants fans</a> earlier in the year, T-Plush knocked out a NL West rival, so the Black and Orange faithful can respect that. But whatever F-bomb's Tim Lincecum dropped last year, Morgan takes the cake with this little four-letter tirade he went on right after the game. The good news is he apologized to Sam Ryan immediately after. How can you not be entertained by T-Plush?