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Dan Dibley of 95.7 The Game's Rise Guys Forced to Campaign for JaMarcus Russell

Every week, the morning show on 95.7 The Game, known as the Rise guys, does a competition between the three hosts where they pick winners for that week's slate of NFL games. However, unlike a regular contest where the winner gets something, on the Rise Guys, the loser is forced to endure an embarrassing punishment for finishing last.

In this week's edition of "Punishing Picks" as they call it, Dan Dibley, a guy who has been affiliated with Bay Area sports talk for years now, was the loser. Dibley, who is a Raiders fan at heart, was forced to do something that any self respecting Raiders fan would be humiliated by. Check out what the guys made Dibley do earlier this week after the jump (link to video included).

Since Dibley had the worst record after this week's Punishing Picks, Mark Kreidler and Whitey Gleason decided to make Dibley take it to the streets in a segment they referred to as "JaMarket". Dibley was forced to wear a JaMarcus Russell Jersey (you know, the infamous number 2 thatTerrelle Pryor was prohibited from wearing as a new Raider quarterback) and carry a sign that read "Bring JaMarcus Back".

Dibley, who never does anything at half speed, really took the punishment to heart and preached for the return of JaMarcus on Market street with the same vigor as the guy who routinely yells at me for being a godless heathen when I walk down Market street. Check out their facebook page to see some pretty entertaining video of Dibs at work.