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2011 Open: Tiger Woods Press Conference Video

Tiger Woods press conferences are always so informative. So elucidating. So robotic.

Interviewer: Tiger, what'd you eat for breakfast?

Tiger: Well I had this bowl of Cheerios. I poured the milk into the cereal bowl, not sure if I got the right angle onto it, but I managed to get enough out of the carton into the bowl. Then I was sure I used the spoon correctly to scoop up the cereal to make sure I was getting proper ratio of cereal-to-milk. It was the right mixture.  Not quite soggy, not quite crunchy enough. It's something I can improve on in the future.

I don't know if I got it right with my toast too. Just overcooked it too much. Wasn't quite in the right place for sourdough, thought I was doing whole wheat. The butter just melted off too much, didn't have quite the right mixture. I've really got to work better at when I pop that thing out, just the little things from helping me enjoy a wholesome breakfast.

No one asked him that question. Someone should have.

Watch the full presser below.