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Andrew Luck Ranked Third By ESPN’s ‘Heisman Predictor’

Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is already considered the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and has a brighter future than arguably any other college player today. He is also a favorite to win the Heisman Trophy this year, but ESPN's ‘Heisman Predictor' would have you think otherwise at the moment. According to ESPN, the Predictor places Luck third in its latest rankings, behind Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson and Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson.

All three individuals- Robinson, Wilson, and Luck- quarterback undefeated teams, and the Heisman certainly has a strong tendency to reward such signal (think Cam Newton from last year). All three have been great this season, and the award could come down to which team (if any) pulls off a 12-0 record.

From a pure skill standpoint, though, Luck is the best player of the three. He can do it all and has the attention of NFL scouts everywhere. Of course, talent and results are two different things. Luck will have to prove himself this season, and he will get a chance to do that with Pac-12 games versus USC (who could be 6-1 by that point) on the road and No. 9 Oregon at home. A home game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the season finale also promises to be a big one.

Luck's Heisman candidacy will be tested in those games, and we won't know where he truly stands against the competition until then. The Heisman, though, is probably only an afterthought for Luck right now. He has his eyes and passion set toward the national title.

Check out this link for more information on the ‘Heisman Predictor' and for information about the rest of college football's Heisman candidates.