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VIDEO: 'Moneyball', Yankees Style

So we've heard all about how Moneyball worked for the Oakland Athletics, but what people seem to forget is that this team never went all the way. So their story is far from a portrait of success. Time to look at a team that does get it done.

After the jump, we take a look at how Hollywood is putting together the story of a team that truly took Moneyball to the next level to win it all.

You figured this movie was coming. I mean, the success story of that tiny little provincial squad from the Bronx had to be documented at some point, didn't it? The New York Yankees have been under the radar for too long, and their quest for a World Series championship had to be documented at some point, didn't it? No one really knows how exactly Brian Cashman was able to use all that fabulous Steinbrenner money and produce a World Series championship, but by George they did it.