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Guts Rewarded: Duke Ihenacho Is Nominated For The Geico Play Of The Year

San Jose State senior safety Duke Ihenacho was nominated for the GEICO Play of the Year yesterday for his blocked PAT return against Hawaii on October 14.


In a game the Spartans won by a point, 28-27, Ihenacho's play was the difference in the game. It was early in the fourth quarter when teammate Travis Johnson blocked the kick and Ihenacho picked it up with plenty of room to operate. But Ihenacho dealt with some physical adversity along the way as he pulled up at the 50-yard-line with what looked like a hamstring injury. The injury didn't stop Ihenacho as he finished the final 50 yards for his team and put the crucial two points on the board.


He limped to the sidelines after he scored but gained the respect of his teammates and San Jose State fans for such a gutsy play. No one would have judged him if he thought that two points wasn't worth further injuring himself. But without it, the Spartans are looking at a one-point loss instead of a one-point victory.