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Cal Football Vs. Utah Score: Golden Bears Defense Shutting Out Utes, Up 20-0 At Halftime

The California Golden Bears have gotten off the mat from their horrendous performance against USC last Thursday and are starting to turn it up. The Cal defense held the Utes to 35 total yards and three first downs plus zero third down conversions, and have forced two turnovers (an Aaron Tipoti forced fumble recovered by D.J. Campbell, and a Mychal Kendricks interception) that have led to 10 points and a pretty decisive 20-0 advantage.

Cal got ten points in the final three minutes after taking an early 10-0 lead. A Zach Maynard completion to Michael Calvin for 22 yards set up a Giorgio Tavecchio 37 yard field goal, and a Mychal Kendricks interception on Jon Hays set up a quick strike with under a minute left, as Maynard found Marvin Jones for 30 yards and then hit Keenan Allen on the screen; Allen then dragged Utes into the end zone for the final score of the half.

Maynard is 14-for-23 for 166 yards and got the touchdown throw to Allen late in the quarter. Allen has 6 receptions for 51 yards, Marvin Jones has four catches for 56 yards, and Michael Calvin has broken out with three catches for 44 yards. But the Cal defense has been the big story today.

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