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Cal Vs. Utah Score Update: Golden Bears Go Up 10-0 Behind Zach Maynard, Defense

The California Golden Bears just got on the board against the Utah Utes. Cal struggled to get on the board in the first quarter as the Utah defense held them down. Cal was tripped up by a false start penalty on third and short and were forced to punt the ball. Then Zach Maynard got sacked after that to stall another Utah drive.

The defense was up to the task for Cal though. Utah has currently piled up two first downs and 17 yards through the early part of the first half and has yet to progress past the 40 yard line. Dave Wilkerson sacked Jon Hays to end one drive, and Hays fumbled another ball thanks to a hit by Aaron Tipoti that was recovered by D.J. Campbell. That last turnover set up a Cal field goal.

Cal got their touchdown on their third drive of the game. Maynard spread the ball out, finding Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson, Michael Calvin and Keenan Allen twice, as well as converting a first down on a quarterback keeper. Isi Sofele punched it in on a 3rd and goal from the Pistol formation, and Cal has the early lead.

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