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America’s Cup 2013: San Francisco Officials Decide To Move Private Yachts To Bay

San Francisco city officials have decided to scrap the idea of private yachts in the open water as planning for the 2013 America's Cup continues.

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The 2013 America's Cup, set to take place in San Francisco, has started organizing its event in the Bay Area and working through event details. According to a report by the San Francisco Gate, the city of San Francisco has decided that private yachts will not be allowed to line up along San Francisco's Embarcadero during the event.

The initial plan to build a floating dock in the water for up to 26 spectator vessels has been scrapped in order to allow for a more complete view of the bay. The private yachts will instead be allowed to dock at Piers 9, 14, or 36 on the basin's north side. The city has designated Piers 14 to 22 ½ as spectator areas for the America's Cup.

The city seems pleased with the change as a result of providing a more complete view of the bay. America's Cup 2013 will certainly attract fans from all over the country and city organizers want to portray as accommodating a view of the race as possible for all present.

More planning will continue in the coming months. City coordinators and event coordinators alike hope to secure all of the necessary permits by the end of January.