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Stanford vs. Washington: Andrew Luck Has Chance To Showcase Abilities This Weekend

The showdown this Saturday between the Stanford Cardinal and Washington Huskies will not only have huge impactions on the Pac-12, but also on Andrew Luck and his Heisman Trophy candidacy. 

Luck has been stellar this season remains the favorite for college football's most prestigious award, but a lack of exposure to the country almost makes it feel as is the quarterback has been underrated in 2011. That can all change this weekend; with the game being nationally televised on ESPN or ABC, as well as on, every household, sports bar and Internet junkie will be able to watch Luck play.

Stanford has played most of their games on regional television stations this season and many across the nation do not get these channels and thus do not have the opportunity to watch Luck play on a weekly basis. That will change this weekend.

This can only mean good things for the star quarterback. To win a big award, a player must regularly be seen on television, regardless of what he has done in recent seasons. This will be the first primetime game for the Cardinal and all eyes will be on the likely No. 1 pick in next year's NFL draft. And with the game being played in Palo Alto, Luck should feel right at home under the bright lights.

Once Saturday night rolls around, get some food, maybe a beverage or two, and enjoy the show. If you're a fan of the Colts, Dolphins, Chiefs, or any other team in the running for the top-pick next March, you may just be watching your future quarterback in action. It truly is a sight to behold.


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