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Michael Crabtree Gets Pulled Over By Raiders Fan, Misses Flight

It's never pleasant to get pulled over by a cop. Never. The entire interrogation experience is even less pleasant, between showing off your driver's license and your insurance and (possibly) taking whatever fine comes your way. For Michael Crabtree, a seemingly standard cop encounter took an interesting twist on Tuesday. According to a series of tweets by the man himself, Crabtree states that he was held up for 30 minutes before finding out that the cop was an Oakland Raiders fan who doesn't like the San Francisco 49ers.

That's cruel work by the cop. No one likes thinking that they did something wrong, and those 30 minutes must have been agony for Crabtree. The cop also scored a bonus by causing Crabtree to miss his flight.

On the bright side, that may be the worst news that the 49ers encounter all week. The team is riding high at 5-1 after an emotional win (just ask Jim Harbaugh at 0:29) against the previously undefeated Detroit Lions. The offense is clicking, the defense is clicking and the team looks like a potential contender this year.

So maybe this is the universe's way of putting things into perspective. That 5-1 record and the team's current four-game win streak? They look even better now in light of this incident. Let's be honest: when the worst news regarding your team involves a wide receiver who got punked by a rival fan, you can't help but smile.