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Stanford Vs. WSU, Injury Update: Chris Owusu Leaves Game After Big Hit

The Stanford Cardinal are off to a rough start against the WSU Cougars early in the first quarter of this Pac-12 showdown. Stanford's leading receiver, Chris Owusu, has left the game after suffering a brutal hit on the Cardinal's second possession.

The Cardinal were on the Washington 47 yard line on a third-and-seven play. Quarterback Andrew Luck attempted a short pass to Owusu, who had the ball in his hands when he was leveled by WSU safety Casey Locker, who is the cousin of Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker.

No word as of yet as to the status of Owusu, who stayed down on the field for a long time following the hit. There was no penalty on the play, and Owusu was able to leave the field on his own. Stanford punted immediately after the play, and WSU began a drive which ended with a punt of their own. WSU appeared to fumble a pass completion deep in their own territory, but the referees overruled their initial ruling of a fumble, calling it instead an incomplete pass. The Cougars subsequently punted back to Stanford.