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BCS Championship Odds: Stanford Ranks Sixth At 12-1 Odds

The Stanford Cardinal are 5-0 this season and rank seventh in the AP Poll. A BCS Championship odds ranking by Bodog Sports ranks Stanford slightly higher than the AP, placing the Cardinal into a tie for sixth among the nation's top contenders at 12-1 odds.

Stanford finds itself in a three-way tie with two other top-10 programs, Clemson and Oklahoma State. The five teams ahead of Stanford (Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU, Wisconsin and Boise State) all rank ahead of Stanford in the AP poll. Oklahoma State is the only program ranked ahead of Stanford in the AP but not in the BCS Championship Odds (falling into a tie at 12-1 odds instead).

The Cardinal can keep improving their odds by posting more and more wins this season, particularly later in the year. Over the season's final five weeks, Stanford takes on USC (currently 4-1), No. 9 Oregon (4-1) and Notre Dame (4-2). Victories in those contests will likely boost Stanford's ranking.

For now, Stanford will turn its focus on the Washington teams (the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars). The Cardinal face off against the Cougars on the road this weekend before taking on the Huskies at home. After that, Stanford starts the five-week stretch that features USC, Oregon and Notre Dame mentioned above.