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AUDIO: Nyjer Morgan KNBR Radio Interview Goes About As You'd Expect

Nyjer Morgan of the Milwaukee Brewers hasn't met a four-letter word he hasn't liked. You might remember poor Sam Ryan having to track him down after he clinched the NLDS and sent the Brewers along to the National League Championship Series.  Morgan dropped a couple of f-bombs before even getting into the interview box, then dropped another one on the unsuspecting Ryan, then was out of there. Because that's all Morgan is really capable of anyway.

So it's no surprise that his interview on Murph and Mac ended quickly (click here for the radio interview)!

When the radio hosts wouldn't let Morgan be Morgan, this became inevitable.

When the hosts told him he couldn’t curse on-air, Morgan elected to leave the interview rather than clean up his language.

"T-Plush is out," he said. "Thanks for having me."

Morgan was a Bay Area kid. He got kicked out of two schools (one on each side of the Bay, once because of the fisticuffs), then went on to play hockey. And apparently he was dropping profanities all the way through it.

Nyjer Morgan, proof that you don't need to be all the way there to succeed in America.

(HT Baseball Nation)