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Carlos Rogers Dreamed About Touchdown, Learned The Dougie Ahead Of Sunday’s Pick-Six

The San Francisco 49ers ran over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday with an impressive 48-3 home victory. Cornerback Carlos Rogers made sure that the team did so in style, following up his 31-yard pick-six of Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman by doing the Dougie.

According to the San Francisco 49ers blog, Rogers dreamed about scoring a touchdown the day before the game. He also planned to follow up his score with the Dougie, courtesy of a friend's request from a few weeks ago.

Click through to check out Rogers' play and celebration.

49ers Carlos Rogers INT vs buccaneers (via KostazKrew)

This is how Rogers explained the whole situation: "A friend texted me for like two weeks asking me, "When you score can you do ‘The Dougie?' You need to do it. I texted her that morning (of the game), ‘I've been practicing ‘The Dougie," so when I score today, I'm going to do it.' That was so crazy, I ended up scoring."

Crazy indeed. How many defensive players in the NFL dream about scoring a touchdown one night and then back it up by actually scoring a touchdown the following day? Certainly not many.

The fact that Rogers actually learned the dance and performed it decently is worth noting as well. Some celebrations end up poorly (just ask Marion Barber), but Rogers managed to pull it off.

Well done, Rogers. Let's hope that he keeps dreaming about touchdowns and taking celebration suggestions.