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TMZ Gets Worst Tiger Woods Hot Dog Incident Video Ever

So TMZ decides to tease you with an exclusive look at the Tiger Woods hot dog incident. They will provide you with the indepth look as to what exactly happened. They'll show you exactly who the culprit was. They'll show you how he get onto the golf playing field, you'll get the throw of the hot dog toward Tiger, you'll get a look at the man going down, and there you go.

So you watch the video, and you're blown away. Blown away at how lame it is.

This video would have been so shocking and extraordinary. You know, if it was 2001, and you were still getting your videos through Quicktime downloads, downloading at a super fast 50 kB/s via Internet Explorer. Also you'd have needed a warning to be careful of the worms!

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If I wanted to hear class insults, I'd just turn on my local cable news channels. TMZ: All the sizzle, none of the steak.