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VIDEO: SNL 'Tinyballs' Spoof Of Moneyball Trailer

Since Moneyball hit theaters, people have been putting together spoofs the trailer with some regularity. One group put together a Moneyball spoof looking at the Yankees via I'd imagine there are plenty more given the growing popularity of the movie and the ease with which satire can be achieved with the trailer.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live decided to get in on the fun. This past Saturday, SNL aired a trailer for a movie called "Tinyballs." You can view the video after the jump, but thanks to the inclusion of Ben Stiller, it is a solid piece by an SNL cast that has been inconsistent in recent years. Initially I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but the title just about says it all. It is all the more fitting given the team involved in Moneyball and the history of that team. I'd be curious to know how much SNL thought about that heading into this particular sketch.

SNL "Tinyballs" Trailer