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Vote For Tyreke Evans to Compete in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge During All-Star Weekend

Today the NBA announced that this year for the Skills Challenge, the fans would get to vote four players in to compete with reigning Champion Chris Paul during All-Star Weekend.

Included on the Ballot are Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans, as well as Stephen Curry, John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Baron Davis, Tony Parker and … Derek Fisher?!? What?

Fans can vote as many times as they want on by visiting this link. You must choose four of the five candidates to vote (I’m not counting Derek Fisher as a real candidate).

Personally, I think Tyreke is a bit of an underdog to win this thing, but I still wouldn’t put it past him to win it if he got voted in. Last year during the All-Star Break, Evans led the underdog and undersized Rookie team to a thrilling victory over the Sophomores on his way to being called the game’s MVP.

Why should you vote for Tyreke? Because of stuff like this:

Vote now and Vote often!